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Pardus Fixed Income Bond is pleased to announce that its bond is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE).

Listing the bond on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange was a logical step to offer its clients the opportunity to invest via a world-renowned, regulated stock exchange. Pardus aims to make its fixed income bond more accessible for investors and allow them to take part in its continued success in creating value for investors.

Chief Marketing Officer Craig Gabriel said that “The Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing is an integral part of Pardus’ evolution and will enable international investors to participate in the Company’s growth and development.”

About The Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the largest exchange in Germany and one of the largest markets for trading equity securities in the world. Owned by Deutsche Börse AG, it had a market capitalisation of around $1.43 trillion as of March 2020.

About Pardus Fixed Income Bond PLC

With headquarters in Berkeley Square, Pardus Fixed Income Bond was established to put investors first. Its Fixed Income Bond offers a short term, fixed-rate investment opportunity that garners above-average returns and exceptional security features.

Pardus Fixed Income Bond can open doors to high yield investment opportunities through its exclusive network of financial intermediaries.

With offices in London and Hong Kong, Pardus Fixed Income Bond boasts a physical presence in the world’s leading financial capitals.


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